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It seems to be that a GC that has to scan the whole GB every time, even if it does so in parallel, would experience staggeringly poor throughput. Another subtler example is the use of multiple return values for error handling, rather than some kind of sum type. If it came from "Joe the dev" no one at HN would give it a second look. Go tends to help you avoid premature optimizations which you'll "totally fix later" - i. Gianna. Age: 25. My name is Winny Penny. Age: 30. My name is Madison and i'm 5'4 115lbs, 34B half Latin & half Caucasian 22yrs old, VERY clean and WELL groomed!!!

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When he says, " YOU are full of bullshit," is that the intellectual honesty part? To it's credit, most of the times I feel like I'm repeating myself in Go I usually later find I'm needing to specialize anyway. Don't get me wrong, people should have the right to peacefully assemble, and hosing down students with liquid teargas for sitting on a sidewalk is a bit of an exaggeration. Exactly what lesson do you think was learned? Bob Wire March 19, at 4: But most people want features like dependency management, IDE independence, command line builds, ability to customise the build with extra steps and so on. Given that the Go collector, even the new one, isn't incremental or compacting I would be curious how effective it is with such large heaps. AnimalMuppet on Apr 14, Is it a hassle? Even in the code example by Rob Pike he mentions that he can get by using a for loop. You and me belong to the different mindsets separated by a Grand Canyon. My understanding is that Dart is used by Google Fiber for their routers, so I wouldn't call that abandoned yet. Intermernet on Apr 14, Go doesn't do inheritance either. They were told to moves multiple times, and we never considered the fact that maybe they were just sanctimonious douche-bags. It means that every single type in the language has one extra value it may contain, 'nil', and your code will crash or behave erratically if it contains this value and you haven't written code to handle it.

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3 years later, is it okay to feel sorry for Officer Pike? | News To Me | artikel-web.info

NET will use a shared instantiation when the generic arguments are normal reference types; a hidden parameter is required for static methods under this scheme, to pass the concrete type info. As in the end, this is how the meaning of words gets diluted and lost: They skipped them "for simplicity's sake". You're right, it was lurking in the back of my mind that it must be on the stack entirely. Doing so eliminated all the long pauses, but a few collections were still msec 10x improvement over CMS. We needed a villain, and we couldn't see him for who he really was-a human who made a mistake. What is it about generics that makes them the 'edge of the cliff'? Is any compiler really going to implement all that?

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